Algarve Surf Map

Drop in the Algarve Surf


N 37º 1′ 31,84” ,W 8º 57′ 54,83”

Beliche is about 1km away from Sagres, next to the Cape São Vicente.

Facing SouthWest, it is a beachbreak and is not as consistent as Tonel. It has two spots with steep walls and a barrelling left just as you enter the beach.

Works well with NorthWest and West swells.

North Wind is offshore.

One to eight/ten feet waves.

Depending on conditions, mid tides are best.

This info we provide you is based on average conditions. Because conditions can change day by day, we advise you to always check the forecast and seek advice from the local surf schools and surf shops.

Directions: Head towards Sagres in the EN 125. When you arrive in Sagres village, just keep giong straight until you arrive at the FORT. On the roundabout, take a right and follow the road about 3kms.