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N 37º 5′ 59,55” ,W 8º 56′ 42,52”

Castelejo is a beach located on the West coast, about 4kms away from Vila do Bispo. It is the closest surf spot on the West from Lagos(25mins drive).

Facing West, it is a mixed beachbreak and reefbreak beach and it is a consistent surf spot, with both lefts and rights, particularly a left Point Break on the South side of the beach that breaks occasionally.

Works well with NorthWest to SouthWest swells.

East winds are offshore.

Depending on conditions, mid tides are best.

One to eight feet waves.

This info we provide you is based on average conditions. Because conditions can change day by day, we advise you to always check the forecast and seek advice from the local surf schools and surf shops.

Directions: Head to Vila do Bispo and follow the signs that mark beaches.

Facilities: Blue Flag/Bandeira Azul / Restaurant / WC / Parking