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N 37º 0′ 21,22” ,W 8º 56′ 53,03”

Tonel is the second most central beach of Sagres. It is located to the right of the Sagres Fortress.

Facing West, it is a mixed beachbreak and reefbreak beach, with several spots to choose from.

Works well with North and West Swells and is a consistent surf beach.

East winds are offshore and will easily produce a barreling left on the South side of the beach.

Depending on conditions, mid tides are best.

One to ten feet waves

This info we provide you is based on average conditions. Because conditions can change day by day,

we advise you to always check the forecast and seek advice from the local surf schools and surf shops.

Facilities: Parking, Restaurant and WC. Lifeguard supervision during Summer season.

Directions: Head towards Sagres via the EN125. Once you get to Sagres, just keep going straight until you rech the FORT. The beach will be in the right hand side of the FORT.